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Question :

Why is wine so expensive in Bali?

Answer :

Plaga wines are made under the same parameters of vinification as prestigious wine producers in Australia, Chile and California. The fermentation process takes place at low temperatures using stainless steel tanks, pipes and pumps to preserve and extract the highest quality juice from the finest imported grapes. In the stabilization, clarification and filtration stages, they only use enological products of number one quality from abroad, to ensure the quality of their products. The bottling process is regulated and manufactured using a special Italian wine bottling line standard to ensure perfect sealing and perfect bottle storage. Time, process and the most modern technology are an essential part of the vinification of every bottle of Plaga Wine.

It is said that beer was made by humans and wine was made by the gods. Taste and quality will never lie, good traditions can grow and exist. With a price of Rp. 179 thousand per bottle, you can enjoy Plaga Cabernet Sauvignon to cross borders on the paradise island of Bali, or accompany the night wherever you are with someone you love.

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