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What to do in Bali? – FAQ BaliFabulous

Hey back again with BaliFabulous Frequently Asked Questions I hope what I answer is useful for you going forward, let’s go to the questions!

Question :

What to do in Bali?

Answer :

Mandatory Things You Must Do on Vacation to Bali

Visiting the temple

The island of Bali itself has a population of various religions. In almost every location we will find temples, because most of the people are Hindus.

Meanwhile, several temples in Bali are often used as tourist objects, so they are not only used as places of worship. There are quite a lot of temples in Bali itself, standing very firmly and the buildings have their own distinctive characters.

Diving and Snorkeling

For those of you who are nature lovers like the underwater world. Then you can visit Bali and must do diving and snorkeling activities. Because Bali itself has the most famous diving spots. With beautiful and diverse coral reefs. It is very pleasing to look at and can be immortalized on camera.

Soak in a hot spring

In Bali there are hot springs that must be visited. You can enjoy a dip while enjoying the beautiful environment and the shady trees. The scenery is around a warm air bath. Like in Angseri hot water, Jatiluwih hot water and Banyuwedang hot water.

Visit the Spa Place

Usually those who like spa, will take the time to visit the spa after doing many activities that make you sweat a lot. By visiting the spa, you can pamper your body and restore energy that has been drained after doing fun activities.

Now that’s all I can explain, hopefully what I have explained above can be understood by you and if you are still confused you can contact us below!

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