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What is there to do in Ubud at night? – FAQ BaliFabulous

Hey back again with BaliFabulous Frequently Asked Questions I hope what I answer is useful for you going forward, let’s go to the questions!

Question :

What is there to do in Ubud at night?

Answer :

Ubud as a city in the highlands in Bali is famous as a center for traditional crafts and dances. There are many activities you can do here, even at night. Among them are like ten below.

  1. Watch Balinese traditional dances, such as the Kecak and Lengong Dance. The event was held at the Ubud Palace or the nearest temple
  2. Don’t miss, local dishes such as babi guling and ayam betutu at Ubud Night Market should be your culinary list
  3. Enjoying live jazz music at Laughing Buddha Bar will make your night even longer
  4. Paradiso Ubud is a film and art theater. Usually it will be crowded in the afternoon
  5. Bringing the family to Bali Zoo at night is not scary, really. The sensation will be even more impressive
  6. A romantic evening at the Four Season Cafe in Ubud accompanied by a cluster of stars will make you and your partner more intimate
  7. Don’t forget to hunt for souvenirs at the Ubud Night Market for family and friends. Many special foods that can be options
  8. After traveling around Bali or Ubud, the spa or sauna will relax your body
  9. The night, Ubud is more conducive for us to walk around while stopping at a gelato shop
  10. If you want it even more exciting, try hitting Mount Batur starting at 2 am and waiting for the stunning sunrise

Now that’s all I can explain, hopefully what I have explained above can be understood by you and if you are still confused you can contact us below!

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