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What is the biggest problem associated with tourism in Bali? – FAQ BaliFabulous

Hey back again with BaliFabulous Frequently Asked Questions I hope what I answer is useful for you going forward, let’s go to the questions!

Question :

What is the biggest problem associated with tourism in Bali?

Answer :

3 Main Problems of Bali’s Tourism Sector

Bali is one of the favorite destinations for local and international tourists. Many nations call Bali a charming paradise island. However, according to the old adage which says “nothing is perfect”, Bali has weaknesses and problems in the development of its tourism sector.

In this era, in the tourism sector, Bali faces many problems, for example the odd spatial development plan. However, there are three important issues that immediately stop the government permit with the Balinese people.

  1. Garbage Problem
    The waste problem is a classic problem in developing countries, including Bali, Indonesia. In April 2011, the waste problem became a topic in a tourist article in TIME Magazine, United States.

This makes Bali often called the island of trash. The awareness of all Balinese people and the right government policies will be able to solve the waste problem on the island of Bali.

  1. Security Stability
    The terrorist threat is one of the biggest threats in the continuity of the tourism sector. Bali, which in 2002 and 2005 was hit by acts of terrorism, experienced a grim period in the tourism sector, including its impact on other sectors of the economy.

The problem of security disturbances that hit Bali is not only the threat of terrorism, but also crimes against tourists on holiday to Bali, such as robbery and robbery. For this reason, cooperation between the security apparatus and the public must be increased.

  1. Jam Conditions
    The congestion problem is a new problem that occurs on the island of Bali, improving the economy of the Balinese people. This congestion occurs in urban areas (Denpasar) and several tourist spots in Bali, including the road to Kuta Beach.

According to various sources, there are various problems with the Bali Government’s plans in an effort to overcome congestion problems, such as plans to build flyovers, underground crossings, or also build a new airport in northern Bali. We hope that Bali in the future will not be like the streets of Jakarta.

Now that’s all I can explain, hopefully what I have explained above can be understood by you and if you are still confused you can contact us below!

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