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What is the best area to stay in Lombok? – FAQ BaliFabulous

Hey back again with BaliFabulous Frequently Asked Questions I hope what I answer is useful for you going forward, let’s go to the questions!

Question :

What is the best area to stay in Lombok?

Answer :

Of the three dyke, Gili Trawangan is the most famous island, especially with its reputation as a party island (party island). Lots of bars, restaurants, and hangout places milling about. The other two islands are somewhat quiet and quieter in a quieter area.

Due to the fact that it is outside the mainland of the island of Lombok, we need to take a fast boat / boat to get here. Of course this has to be a consideration too, don’t you think all of you are comfortable if you have to carry your suitcase here? Not to mention for those who vacation with family and bring small children. It’s a little troublesome.

Another drawback, the prices on this island are also quite expensive. If hotel prices are actually relatively the same as in mainland Lombok, but for food prices, it turns out to be quite significant.

The fun thing is, there are many hotel choices here. Prices and types of lodging are suitable for increasing the type of suitcase and backpack. Besides that, access to the beach is also very easy because it is close to the hotel. Here is also a favorite snorkeling spot for tourists with various types of packages offered.

Who is suitable to stay here?

Young couples, honeymooners, young people who want a fun vacation with friends, individuals who like beaches and water tourism, and those who like parties and crowds.


Before moving to the Three Gilis, we will most likely pass the Senggigi area first. You could say, Senggigi is one of the first tourism areas to develop on the island of Lombok. Even so, the area is still relatively quiet when compared to neighboring Lombok, Bali.

There are many types of lodging here, from inns, hostels, to luxury resorts, such as the Sheraton for example. The cool thing is, there are many hotels in the Senggigi area that have direct access to the beach. The condition of the beach is also relatively cleaner because it is managed by the hotel.

If you are on vacation with your family, staying around here is just right. Many hotels give extra miles in providing facilities for children. Starting from indoor and outdoor playgrounds, swimming pools for children, childcare etc.

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The Senggigi area itself has quite complete facilities for tourists. Mini markets, souvenir centers and restaurants are quite easy to find along the Senggigi main road. The price is relatively normal compared to other Lombok areas.

If the existing facilities are still lacking, tourists can look for these needs in Mataram City, which is less than an hour from Senggigi.

Who is suitable to stay here?

Couples of all ages, honeymooners, families with small children, large families, corporate get-together, beach lovers, tranquility lovers.

Mataram City

If you want to stay at a facility that is strategically located and close to everything, such as restaurants, mini markets, malls, etc., then Mataram is the winner. In this city, delicious culinary delights from Lombok are the easiest to find. Don’t forget to try sate rembiga (an all-time favorite), bebalung, sate pusut, sate bulayak, plecing kale and ayam Taliwang while you’re here 🙂

I think there is only one drawback to staying in Mataram: there are no hotels that have direct access to the beach. So the #islandlife atmosphere is less pronounced.

Who is suitable to stay here?

Almost everyone. It is suitable for business travelers and families.


If you stay around Praya, there are two advantages that we will feel the most. First, Lombok International Airport is located in this city. So it is perfect for business travelers with high mobility. Second, this city is very strategic, its location in the middle of the island of Lombok. This will make it easier for tourists to travel to various parts of Lombok easily. Want to visit a traditional Sasak house and then go to the beach? Just drive south. Meanwhile, if you want to go to the mountains, just go straight north! Very strategic, right?

If you go to Kuta From Praya, we will pass the Sasak Sade Village area first

Even though there is an airport, Praya is actually just a small and quiet town. As far as I know, there are only two major hotels here. Even then, the class is only three stars, so the amenities are quite basic. The rest are in the form of guest houses or small inns.

The center of necessity is also quite easy to find in Praya, but not in the same class as a mall … it’s only limited to convenience stores like Alfamart or Indomaret. If you want something more complete, local people usually go to the market or department store.

Finding a great restaurant here is a little difficult. Most stuck is just KFC clone fried chicken with another trademark. And several Taliwang chicken restaurants. For regular food stalls and snacks

Now that’s all I can explain, hopefully what I have explained above can be understood by you and if you are still confused you can contact us below!

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