Tanah Lot Temple a Rock in The Middle of the sea


Tanah Lot Temple as one of the tourist attractions in Bali. Tanah Lot Temple is located on a rock in the middle of the sea. Because of its position in the middle of the sea sometimes tourists can not enter the Tanah Lot Temple Tourist Area if the sea water is in high tide conditions. Even so tourists can still enjoy it from the other side of the hill. As an Interesting Tourist Attraction in Bali, here tourists can enjoy the beauty of Tanah Lot Temple when the sun sets. To maintain the sanctity and sanctity of the temple, tourists are not allowed to enter the main area of ​​the temple itself. Location Tanah Lot Temple is located in Tabanan Regency, Bali.

To the north of Tanah Lot Temple, another temple was built on a cliff jutting into the sea. This cliff connects the temple to the land and is shaped like a bridge (curved). This temple is called Karang Bolong Temple.
The uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple

Located on the Rock

There is a Freshwater Source: Under the Tanah Lot Temple, precisely in the boulder there is a freshwater spring. This fresh water functions as a cleaning. The uniqueness is the presence of fresh water around the salty sea water.

There is a Tame Sea Snake: In this temple there is also a Sea Snake that is purified by the people there. This sea snake can be held without having to worry because this snake is benign unless disturbed. To grasp this snake, tourists will be accompanied by the snake charmer himself.

Things to do in Tanah Lot Temple

Hunting Photo – Capture beautiful moments during the holidays by taking pictures on a chunk of coral against the background of Tanah Lot Temple. If you visit here in the afternoon with a moment of sunset, will produce even more amazing photos against the background of the sunset.
Souvenir Hunting – Along the road to Tanah Lot Temple, souvenir shops are seen on both sides of the road that offer unique souvenir items. As in the market to shop here you have to be smart – smart to offer it because the price offered is relatively expensive.

Test Myths – Here the myth develops that if tourists wash their faces with Tirta Pabucian while saying their wishes, then soon their wishes will come true. Besides the myth of Tirta Pab Cleaning, another myth develops. You can hold the flat-tailed snake of the temple guard while putting coins in the bottom of the water and making a wish. Remember, don’t be too harsh when handling snakes so they don’t attack you.

Transportation to Tanah Lot Temple

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