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Secret Singsing Waterfall at Buleleng

Singsing Waterfall – Buleleng

Singsing Waterfall has a height of about 12 meters with a depth of 3 m pool. Not far from the waterfall is about 100 meters, up the stairs and down the cliff, there is also a waterfall that is bigger and more beautiful, called Singsing Dua Waterfall. This second waterfall has a height of two times the first waterfall with a depth of about 5 m pond. In the middle there is a large rock that seems to split the waterfall in two.

Both of these waterfalls come from the same water source. During the summer, the volume of the two waterfalls is relatively declining so that the water flow looks small.


Located in Banjar Labuhan Haji, Temukus Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali Province.

GPS Maps and Coordinates:


It is about 3 km west of Lovina and 13 km from Singaraja. To go to these attractions can be reached by motorized vehicles to the direction of the Tigawarsa Village.

Arriving at the vehicle parking lot, the journey continues by walking along the 600 m footpath that passes through the residents’ plantations and bushes. A directional sign indicates the path that must be followed to get to the first waterfall. Across the river there is the first waterfall that is made of river rocks. The stairs are the path to the second waterfall. The road to reach it is a bit steep and rocky.

Ticket and Parking

The price of admission is IDR 10,000.

Facilities and Accommodation

Parking facilities have been built and managed by the local banjar, also stalls around this area are already available.

Other Tourism

Not far from Singsing Waterfall there is also a monument built by the Dutch colonial government to commemorate the death of a Dutch officer in the Banjar war in 1868.

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