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Serangan Island in Heart Of Bali

Today the story is that I am taking a leisurely walk to Serangan Island, looking for interesting places or spots to take photos and as a result, luckily I always get guys..hhe

Seeing the weather as bright and hot as this is a pity if you just pass by without leaving the house. The photos above and below are interesting spots that I got when I spent the weekend on Serangan Island.

On this small island, this is my favorite place to spend time on weekends, what I like is the calm and comfortable atmosphere makes my mind feel relaxed .. On Serangan Island, this is also a great place for picnics and fun – shout out with your friends, guys. , now the second interesting spot is the bridge, guys, the cool name is’ Serangan Island Bridge.

Bridge attack
The location is after passing the new ticket post, this spot is also interesting, there is historical value in it … hhe (really knowing) you know, there used to be no bridge here like now, on Serangan Island, ancient people crossed by boat or small boat, imagine the hassle, that’s all I can share this time, I hope your weekend will be even more exciting. See you on the next trip! 😉 Recommended

Updates: The location of the spots above is now no longer accessible, because this Interesting Place has been closed, the admin has also found out directly and it is true that the information on Serangan Island for access to this location is really closed. (01/10/18)

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