Secret Kemenuh Waterfall in Gianyar

Another name for Kemenuh Waterfall is Tegenungan Waterfall or Blangsinga. The height of the waterfall is around 20 m with a fairly large water flow and flows in Tukad Petanu.


Located in Banjar Tegungan, Kemenuh Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province.

GPS coordinates:
8 ° 33 ‘16.50 “S 115 ° 17’ 28.99” E


7 km to the southwest of the city of Gianyar or 16 km from Denpasar (takes about 1 hour to drive). If from the Sukawati art market it’s only about 4 km. There are two entrances to this location, either from Sukawati or from Blahbatuh.

From the city of Denpasar drive the vehicle towards Sukawati or Gianyar. After passing Sukawati Art Market and then meet the Sakah Baby Statue (Rare KUara) turn right east to the Kemenuh highway (towards the center of the City of Gianyar) for approximately 2 km until you reach the red light crossroad. At this intersection take a right turn onto Jalan Raya Ir. Sutami (direction Tegungan) as far as approximately 1.5 km to arrive at the entrance gate of the Kemenuh Waterfall attraction.

To get closer to this waterfall, from the vehicle parking area visitors must descend the lined steps (totaling 144 pieces) as far as approximately 500 m to arrive at the river right in front of the waterfall. In this area there are temples and several showers from springs.

Facilities and Accommodation

This tourism facility is quite complete, covering a large enough parking area to accommodate two or four-wheeled vehicles. There are many stalls or food stalls selling food, drinks, and souvenirs near the parking area. In fact there has also been a cafe near an open spot.

Here once stood Bungge Jumping, which is a place that likes to jump from a height of approximately 50 meters, but the tourist attraction is currently no longer in operation.

Ticket and Parking

Entrance fee is IDR 10,000 / person for adults, IDR 5,000 for children and IDR 5,000 parking fee when entering from the Sukawati entrance. Whereas if you enter from the door of Blahbatuh the ticket price will be the same but already includes the parking fee.

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