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Great Sade Waterfall In Tabanan Bali

Another name for Sade Waterfall is Singsing Waterfall. This waterfall is not too big and flows in Yeh Sapuan River (Tukad). This waterfall is surrounded by cliffs and bamboo forests.

Because it is a natural tourist destination, the Belimbing Village offers more than two tracking routes, all routes traversing the beauty of the beautiful, everlasting rice fields. There are two tracking routes, each of which leads to a waterfall (singsing, in Balinese) or it is common to say “waterfall”. The route that starts in front of the Dalem Banjar Durentaluh temple, for example, leads to Sade waterfall, this place is a waterfall that is between bamboo clumps. The water is the flow of one of the rivers that flows in the Belimbing Village area (tukad Yeh Sapuan), which is further upstream, there is Benben waterfall. Along the path between the rice fields, there is a wide natural panorama of the archipelago, to be precise, the natural panorama of the Gods, it is undeniable that your little heart will say “Great God, great power.” The rest area is also on each tracking route, taking one the route offered is enough exercise for our hearts. All fatigue will go unnoticed because you are defeated by the awe of His creation.

Not far from Sade Waterfall, Benben Falls will be found upstream.


Located in Belimbing Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Regency, Bali Province.


50 km from Denpasar, 30 km from Tabanan or 12 km from the main T-junction (Antosari) Denpasar-Gilimanuk main highway. If from the city of Denpasar drive vehicles westward to the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway. Arriving in the village of Bajera, Tabanan will encounter a three-way fork. Take the right turn to the Antosari Pupuan road, if left toward Gilimanuk. Follow the road for about 30 minutes driving until you reach Belimbing Village

The entrance to the waterfall is next to the Belimbing Village Market, right in front of the Luhur Mekori Temple. Access is still in the form of dirt roads that can only be traversed by one car. After traveling for 15 minutes and parked the vehicle, the journey was continued on foot through a trail down through the rice fields and combed a small river for about 500 m to arrive at the location of the waterfall.

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