Nusa Dua Waterblow Tourism Object, Heaven in Badung Regency, Bali

Waterblow Nusa Dua. Talking about tourist attractions in Bali, the biggest magnets and tourist attractions are natural attractions that are admired by the world. What I will tell you below is the Waterblow in Badung district, Bali. One of the natural tourist areas in South Bali that holds a million unique charms of the island of the gods, which is located 22 KM from the capital of Bali Province.

The Waterblow Bali tourist attraction provides a new experience for its visitors, an amazing sight in the form of big waves crashing between rocks that you won’t find anywhere else.

But keep in mind, the Water Blow Nusa Dua tourist attraction is not for swimming, especially marine tourism spots such as watersports in Tanjung Benoa or WBL Lamongan in East Java, because of the steep cliffs, surrounded by sharp rocks, strong currents and high waves, so tourist attractions this is only suitable for enjoying beautiful waterblow views, unique and different from other places.

Black and sharp rocks surround this area, so roads and locations have been provided for visitors to witness the beauty of Nusa Dua Water Blow. A niche that is located in this rock cliff, becomes a gathering of sea waves, after being knocked down very strongly, the waves will burst upward.

The Nusa Dua Water Blow tourist attraction is ideal for taking pictures, an anti-mainstream place that presents spectacular beauty, the beauty of the foam of the waves towering high into the air, can decorate your social media pages.

The best time to visit is when the sun rises, the waves bursting into the air against the background of the blue sea of ​​the Indian Ocean and the orange tinge of the rising sun, will be a spectacular sight and will produce special image effects on your camera shots, however if you are not hunting The beauty of sunrise comes in the afternoon, beautiful pictures will be created with the sea and blue sky combined with the foam of the waves that expand upward, because this beach faces East, visiting during the day makes your camera shots not against the sun.

If you visit Water Blow Nusa Dua during the day, you will feel the hot sun, if you are afraid to burn, bring an umbrella, because the Water Blow Nusa Dua area has no place to take shelter, only a view of the sea and black, sharp rocks.


The Water Blow Nusa Dua tourist location is located behind the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua hotel area. You need to enter the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) area in Nusa Dua which is only 30 minutes away if you drive from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali Airport. From an area full of star hotels, park your vehicle at the Grand Hyatt hotel. After that you can travel on foot as far as 1 kilometer. If you feel tired, take a break first in the hotel chairs.

At the end of the 1 kilometer journey, you will see a meadow where the statues of Arjuna and Srikandi stand indicating your location is near. Keep going until you see a gate made of white stones that says Water Blow. From the gate, you can take a leisurely walk towards the end of the cliff to enjoy the atmosphere of Water Blow Nusa Dua.

As a reference, not far from Bali, you can visit tourist attractions in Surabaya, if you are not satisfied, you can also go to Gunung Kidul district, there you can visit Krakal beach, Baron beach and Ngobaran beach.
Nusa Dua Waterblow tourism object, Badung regency, Bali


To be able to reach the Waterblow Nusa Dua tourist attraction, you can use private vehicles or public transportation.

In essence, wherever you are, take the direction to Nusa Dua, then take the destination to the Grand Hyatt hotel.

If you are using public transportation, take the route through or with the final destination in Nusa Dua. Tell the driver that you want to go to Water Blow Nusa Dua, later you will be dropped off at the Trans Sarbagita Nusa Dua bus stop. Then you have to walk to the Grand Hyatt hotel, keep walking back until you find the Peninsula island area and its beaches. Keep going straight until you find a sign for the Water Blow Nusa Dua area.


The location of the Nusa Dua Water Blow tourist attraction is right behind the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Bali hotel, for that the first recommended place to stay is the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Hotel.

The price for renting rooms at the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Bali is quite varied depending on the type of room and facilities, with a starting price range of Rp. 2,180,000 / night.

Meanwhile, for those of you backpacekran travelers, there are also cheap hotels in Nusa Dua Bali that you can use as a refesentative and safe lodging place, such as;

The Lorina Hotel Bali, whose nightly room rental rates start at Rp. 264,000, then Hptel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua with rates starting at Rp. 408,000 and Mercure Bali Nusa Dua Hotel with rates starting at Rp. 600,000 / night.


Now, a few tips for those of you who want to travel to Water Blow, if you want to see the spectacular phenomenon of the gigantic burst of water here, please come between July and October.

In that range of months is the time when the strong currents of the Indian Ocean waves experience their peak, especially in the afternoon around 16.00 WIT.

Therefore, if you are in a water blow at that time, be prepared to get splashed with sea water from a very large burst of water blow.

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