Mekayu Beach Beach of a Million Beauty in Tabanan

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Mekayu Beach (Mekayu Beach), Selemadeg, Tabanan, Bali. Is one of the black sand beach attractions owned by the island of Bali. Its strategic location, which is located between the Denpasar – Gilimanuk highway, makes Mekayu Beach frequently visited by tourists. It is approximately 60 km from Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar or about 2 hours drive and 84 km from Gilimanuk Port, Jembrana. It is not difficult to find one of the beaches in Tabanan because at the end of the entrance, there is a large signboard that says “Mekayu Beach” and we just need to follow the direction of the directions. When we first arrive at this beach, we will find lots of coconut trees whose leaves seem to be waving at us. Mekayu Beach is famous for its good waves, not too big and not easily broken. So it is no wonder that Mekayu Beach is used as one of the mainstay spots for surfing for a number of foreign tourists.

Due to the condition of the flat and wide shoreline, like the beaches in Tabanan in general, Mekayu Beach is also often used by local residents to carry out sports activities such as playing football, jogging, and volleyball. Mekayu Beach will usually be visited by residents in the afternoon. Apart from being a place for surfing and a place to exercise, Mekayu Beach is often used as a fishing spot. Many of these traditional fishermen often catch fish here. The clean beach is one of the main advantages of this beach in Tabanan. It’s rare to find plastic waste here. This cannot be separated from the role of the local warriors who also take part in maintaining the cleanliness and preservation of the nature around this place.

For those of you who have a hobby of photography, don’t forget to use your camera to capture every beautiful view on Mekayu Beach. You can make a stretch of coconut trees or rock cliffs as the background for your photos. There is a river flow that empties into this Mekayu Beach. In the flow, we can find small river stones that are very neatly arranged. These stones can also be the object of our photos. However, the best time to take pictures is when the sun is going to set, we can capture the sunset at Mekayu Beach which is no less than the sunset on Kuta Beach which already has quite a name.

There is no entrance fee to visit here, so we can enter for free. For vehicle parking problems, we can park our vehicles at the edge of the driveway to this beach. Maybe you will feel hungry and thirsty after doing activities on the beach, or you need a comfortable resting place to recharge your energy. Rinjani Food Stalls and Anggun Lodging can be a solution to all these problems. Warung Makan Rinjani is one of the cheap restaurants in Tabanan. Located not far from Mekayu Beach, only about 500 meters on the west side. Enough with IDR 10,000, – we can enjoy the delicious mixed rice typical of East Java. Anggun Inn, cheap lodging in Tabanan, also offers very affordable room rental rates, only Rp. 80,000, – we can spend the night in Selemadeg. You can also visit other beach attractions that are very close to Mekayu Beach, namely Balian Beach, Bonian Beach, and Soka Beach. So don’t miss to visit one of the beaches in Tabanan if you visit Bali.

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