Mahapraja Bangli Tourism Cottage

Mahapraja Bangli Tourism Cottage

Mahapraja Bangli Tourism Cottage
Hello guys! Happy New Year huh
What resolutions do you want to achieve in the 2018 new year? Hehe whatever it is, hopefully in the future all your resolutions can be achieved well and smoothly.

The first post in this new year we will visit one of the Interesting Places in Bali which is in the Bangli area, the name is’ Pondok Wisata Maha Praja.

Mahapraja Bangli

It was like walking through the tropical rainforest!
Pondok Wisata Mahapraja Bangli is still quite new, the soft opening was last December, so many people are curious and want to visit this interesting spot.

This interesting place is located at Br. Puraja, Peninjoan Village, Tembuku, Bangli – Bali, the route is also easily visible or guided by google map, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Pondok Wisata Mahapraja is a recreation area with a Green Village concept with Multi Agro facilities, Eco House, Outbound, Selfie Points (tree houses, pavilions, bamboo towers, base camp, flying fox) Yoga and Meditation, the Swing is still in the planning stage, Hopefully in the future it can be realized so that it can compete and become an alternative to the expensive neighbor’s swing … hhe 😆

Maha Praja Bangli – Bali

For those who like camping here, a place with a very cool natural atmosphere has also been provided, when it is late in the afternoon usually in this Interesting Place the air starts to get cold and sometimes it is foggy too, it’s clear because the location is in a highland, so if you don’t like to be complicated, you too you can rent a tent directly here, basically your vacation with friends or family will be cool.

For more information, you can chat to the admin via Instagram directly or comment below, sorry, the photo is a little coincidence, when the admin is here, the rain is falling and foggy, as a result, only a few snaps can be taken and that’s in a hurry because the rain continues to fall, sorry for Echa Caramell in the rain. Hehe 😆 Next time we will definitely come here again, with new photos of course, so please wait! Recommended.

Open: 09.00 AM
Entrance Ticket: 10k / Pax

Location: Click Here

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