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Love Locks Bridge in Ubud

Ubud Love Locks Bridge
The Ubud Love Padlock, the unique name for this bridge, has a romantic story and story. This Interesting Place is an interesting spot because of its similarity to the Hohenzollern Bridge Love Locks in the City of Cologne – Germany.

This interesting place is located in the heart of Ubud, if you come from the direction of Ubud Palace, continue to follow the main road until you pass the Campuhan Ridge Walk, continue to follow the road until you cross the paved bridge, well … right next to it is the Love Locks Bridge, guys.

Love Locks Bridge Ubud

Where world meets is the slogan in Bridge Love Locks, many couples lock their love here, guys, by using a padlock that is colored or written with the partner’s name and then locks it on the Love Tree that is or is located when you just enter the bridge near the Bridges restaurant, made of iron like a pine tree, if you see for yourself there will be a lot of locks attached bearing the names of couples from around the world.

Now, after the lock is locked in the Love Tree, throw the key into the river under the Love Locks Bridge while saying to yourself, say something romantic about you two, so that your hearts and love will remain locked forever guys..hhe Recommended.

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