Lake Batur Nature Tourism Object in Kintamani Bali

The name of Lake Batur comes from the name of the mountain beside it, namely Mount Batur. Lake Batur is located in Penelokan Utara Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, right on the slopes of Mount Batur, about 65 km from Denpasar. If you start your journey from Ngurah Rai Airport, this lake can be reached within 1.5 – 2 hours by traveling through Gianyar. But if you start your journey from the city center of Singaraja, you can reach Lake Batur via Kubutambahan Village in about 1.5 hours or about 58 km. The road access to Lake Batur is quite winding and there are many climbs and descents because the area is in a mountainous area. One more thing, you also have to be careful when driving because the paths to and from Kintamani are always busy so that your body condition must be really fit.

Lake Batur itself is the largest lake in Bali. The location of this lake is at an altitude of 1,050 above sea level. This lake water is very natural because it comes from rainwater and water seepage from forests in the mountains. The surface area of ​​this lake is about 16 square kilometers with varying depths with an average depth of 50.8 meters, a length of up to 7 km and a width of 2.5 km.

Lake Batur is included in the category of active caldera lakes which were formed due to the eruption of Mount Batur, thousands of years ago. This lake is also the largest lake on the Island of the Gods. Another uniqueness that Lake Batur has is that when viewed from a height, this lake looks like a crescent moon.

The changing color of the water is influenced by sulfur compounds on the seabed so that it sometimes looks bluish and then turns yellowish green. And because it is a mountainous area, with the presence of Mount Batur, the cold and cold air is very thick in the area of ​​Lake Batur Kintamani. The temperature ranges from 22C – 26C.

The most superior and clearly visible from Lake Batur is of course its amazing natural panorama. The combination of the green color of the mountains and hills around the lake, the blue sky when it is bright and the bluish color of the lake water is truly a perfect sight. The really cold breeze will always accompany you.

The uniqueness of the area around Lake Batur Bali has attracted UNESCO and designated the Lake Batur area as a Global Geopark Network or Earth Park. So tourists who come can not only enjoy the beauty of the lake, but also learn about various endemic animals and rocks and all things related to geoparks.

For those of you who have a hobby of photography, in this place you can hunt spectacular photos with a mountainous background, beautiful Lake Batur, green trees, blue water, and the sky with low flying clouds. You can also try to stay around the lake so you can witness the beautiful moments of sunset and sunrise in the morning and evening.

Most of the residents of Kintamani work as farmers. Because this area has the potential for agriculture which is supported by its cool and fertile nature. Popular agricultural products include oranges, tomatoes, cauliflower, and shallots. Apart from agricultural produce, this area is also famous for its dogs. Known as the Kintamani dog, which is small and hairy. This area is visited by tourists during school holidays, New Years and other national holidays.

Around Kintamani there are many hotel inns that you can choose to just rest so that in the morning your body is fit again and can explore the Lake Batur area, such as trekking to Mount Batur and peeking at the Batur Caldera.

If you like fishing, you can also do it at Lake Batur. There is no need to bring a fishing rod, because there are also many fishing gear rental places, so you only need to find the best spot to get fish, while enjoying the exotic lake that looks so blue.

You can also relax and unwind for a moment at Batur Natural Hot Spring or hot springs. You only need to pay Rp. 60,000 per person, you can feel the warmth of the pool water while admiring the area of ​​Lake Batur and Mount Batur. But if you just want to relax without having to swim in the pool, you only need to pay IDR 15,000 per person.

Visiting Trunyan village is also a package with Lake Batur because this village is located around the lake and can only be reached by boat. This village has quite unique habits because the people of Bali Mula or also known as Bali Aga have an ‘unusual’ tradition of funerals. They do not bury the bodies of people who have died but place them and leave them on the ground.

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