Kuta Beach Tourism Object Bali

As one of the interesting places in Bali, Kuta Beach Bali is one of the most crowded beach tourism icons in Bali, both foreign tourists and domestic tourists. No doubt, Kuta Beach in Bali looks a lot of foreign tourists passing by bringing surfboards. Because Kuta Beach Bali is very famous as a surfing spot from beginners to professionals. In Kuta Beach tourist attractions are also often held national and international surfing events. Expanse of sand and waves make tourists fall in love to enjoy the tourist attractions in Bali.

Because as an icon of tourism in Bali, Kuta Beach is given special attention from the local government, starting from the construction of public toilets, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, hotel hotels to rent various equipment for water sports such as surfboard rentals.

What can be done at Kuta Beach?
Things you can do to enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach include:
Swimming: Here tourists can enjoy Kuta Beach by swimming with friends, family or couples. Swimming in Kuta Beach is not necessary to worry, why not worry? Because Kuta Beach has been watched by dozens of coast guards / lifeguards. Here tourists will be directed by the coast guard in which position is safe for swimming and in which position should not swim by sticking a flagpole in that position.
From Massage to Temporary Tattoos: Sunbathing on Kuta Beach is no stranger to the tour. besides that, here, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach with massages and temporary tattoos.
Surfing: As a place to surf both beginners and professionals, in Kuta Beach there are also many booths that rent surf panpan. So tourists don’t need to worry about bringing a surfboard from home.
Enjoy the moment of sunset while taking pictures: As a Popular Tourist Attraction in Bali, At Kuta Beach it is also important to capture beautiful moments. With its sunset view Kuta Beach can captivate the hearts of its visitors to thousands of people per day. For tourists who come here do not bring a camera, Don’t Worry … Here you can take advantage of the services of a traveling photographer who can be rented.
Kuta Beach Transportation
Given the strategic location of Kuta Beach Bali, only about 1 km from Ngurah Rai Airport, you can use Taxi Meter to visit tourist attractions in Bali, or you can also use Dokar. And if the hotel is near Kuta Beach you can visit it on foot.

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