Joger Bali Best for Shopping Balinese souvenirs

Are you on vacation on the island of Bali and have visited all the best natural attractions? Then, are you sure you will miss one of Bali’s souvenir shopping areas? It feels like it’s not legal to have a vacation in Bali without stopping by at Joger, a Bali shopping place that has been very popular thanks to its unique and intriguing creativity. Joger is often referred to as a word factory located on Jalan Raya Utama. Joger is one of Bali’s shopping tourist destinations that you must visit.

Interesting Things From Joger Bali

One more tourist spot in Bali, namely Joger. A best shopping place in Bali, it’s a shame if you miss it. Even though Joger does not have a number like other buildings, you will have no trouble finding the Joger Bali address because of its location which is quite close to Ngurah Rai Airport. Even just ask the local residents or airport staff, then surely everyone knows and will be happy to show you the way. Another interesting thing is that Joger is always full of foreign and local tourists, even all of them are willing to jostle just to get unique Balinese souvenirs such as shirts, key chains, bags and many others. Because of the busyness of visitors, the roads around Joger are always in a badly jammed condition and filled with various vehicles.

For those of you who don’t know, the price of Bali Joger shirts varies with the quality of superior materials. You can get unique t-shirts for around Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 250 thousand. For the price of Joger shirts and other Joger products, everything can change at any time, so to make sure you can just visit the shop. How interested? Not only that, the original Joger products can only be purchased by visitors directly from the Joger shop in Bali.

Almost every day this shopping area is always crowded with visitors, especially when entering the school holidays, Eid and before the new year. The Joger shop location is also very strategic with truly unique product offerings, it’s no wonder this shop is never empty of visitors. For those of you who are interested, you should visit Joger Bali not during the holiday season or Eid, so that you have a greater opportunity to choose your favorite Joger shirt freely, not queuing for long and not running out of Bali Joger sizes.

Routes to Joger Bali

For Joger Bali Kuta, this shop is located at Jalan Sulawesi No. 37 Denpasar. This shop is very close to the tourist attraction of Kuta Bali beach so it’s quite easy to find it. If you depart from Kuta Beach, at least it will take you about 20 minutes with a distance of about 1.3 km. The parking area in this place is quite large, it just looks cramped because the number of visitors is soaring every day. While the Joger shop is located in Bedugul Bali, located on Jalan Mekarsari No. 16, Luwus, Baturiti Bedugul. For those of you who are still confused about choosing your transportation options to visit this place, one of the best transportation options is to use public transportation.

There are several public transportation that you can find there, namely taxis, buses and others. You can also use private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars because it is more flexible, although sometimes it is quite difficult to find your own parking space. There are also many car or bus rental service providers plus drivers that you can use in the Bali area. This transportation option is perfect for those of you who bring a group or group.

Hotel Location Closest To Joger Bali

No need to be confused about visiting Joger Bali, this shopping area is very close to several inns. For example, Natya Hotel Kuta, Sol House Bali Kuta, Bakung Sari Resort and Spa, Jesen Inn, Ibis Bali Kuta and many others. All hotel facilities and advantages can be obtained at quite affordable prices.

Opening Hours and Entrance Ticket Prices to Bali Joger

Regarding opening hours, the two Joger Bali shops will serve visitors from 10.00 am. The closing times for the two shops are different, where Joger on Jalan Raya Kuta closes at 20.00 and Joger Luwus Bedugul closes at 18.00 Bali time. Entering the outlet door, you will be greeted in a friendly manner and a sticker will be affixed as a sign to enter the shop. There are several rooms in this place, such as a room displaying a collection of T-shirts, a souvenir room and others. For the admission fee, it is clear that you will be exempted and only need to provide a large budget to hunt all the targeted Joger products. How about you, interested in hunting for Joger Bali products?

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