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Question :

Is Lombok better than Bali?

Answer :

For these 5 reasons, traveling to Lombok is better than Bali

Lombok, despite its location close to Bali, nevertheless determines the neighboring island. Over the years, Bali has become the main destination for world tourists visiting Indonesia. The charming beaches, beautiful rice fields, to the unique Balinese Hindu culture, have attracted the attention of millions of tourists from all over the world.

But on the other hand, the booming number of tourists to investment development without considering cultural and environmental aspects, has actually eroded the uniqueness and natural beauty of Bali. As the neighboring island of Bali, Lombok is certainly no less beautiful than Bali. Having beautiful unspoiled beaches, waterfalls, and the unique culture of the people of Nusa Tenggara can make Lombok a new prima donna for tourists.

Natural Lombok which is still Natural

If you look at Bali 30 years ago, you might be surprised. Bali has now changed a lot due to rapid development and investment without paying attention to environmental and cultural aspects. Almost the beaches on the south side of Bali are now filled with resorts, as well as Ubud which is famous for its tranquility and beautiful private terraces, now it is like a busy city.

In fact, Lombok still has natural natural beauty. You can still find pristine beaches without resort development and so on. Views of beautiful hills, national parks, to amazing waterfalls, Lombok really offers an atmosphere of natural natural life.

Lombok is not crowded with traffic

If you are trying to drive from one place to another in Bali, it might take a long time even though the distance is close. Traffic jams have now become a daily sight in Bali, you also have to be more careful with the congestion of vehicles passing by.

Lombok, on the one hand there is still very little traffic, you can still travel freely without having to be stuck in traffic. Help from one place to another in Lombok to be much faster, allowing you to go to many beautiful places in Lombok.

Lombok still has few tourists

If Bali is full of tourists, where every beach and tourist spot you will find the crowd and hubbub of tourists. In Lombok, you can still find serenity on beautiful beaches, enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to see the sea of ​​people. With the number of tourists who are not too many, you will really enjoy the natural beauty and culture of Lombok.

Lombok has a local culture that is still awake

With still a few tourists, the people of Lombok still maintain the existing local culture. In Senggigi and Kuta, the two cities that are the main destinations for tourists visiting Lombok, you can still find locals and tourists who surf together, eat at small warungs together, and even dance together at entertainment events in Lombok. In Mataram, you can still find mixed rice sellers and traditional souvenirs lining the main streets.

Cost of Traveling in Lombok is cheaper

There are still very few resorts in Lombok, as well as classy restaurants. Lombok, is still full of homestay lodgings and also small food stalls, so it offers accommodation and meals costs that are much cheaper than Bali. It can be said that the cost of traveling in Lombok is almost the cost of a trip in Bali.

Based on her experience, travel blogger Camille Willemain. Of course we don’t have to agree with his statement, each of us of course has our own responsibilities for those who have traveled to Bali and Lombok. Whether Lombok is better than Bali, or vice versa, matters. The most important thing is how to make Bali and Lombok, as part of Indonesia, to maximize their regional potential without destroying the natural environment and local culture there.

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