High Tirta Payuk Waterfall in Bangli

Tirta Payuk Waterfall is a waterfall that is not so high and the water is not too heavy. But if during the rainy season the water comes quite swift. Tirta Payuk waterfall is located between two cliffs that are protruding into the inside. Shaped like a bowl. Among the cliffs there are lush growing trees. Underneath there is also a puddle of water that is quite clear.

Not far from this waterfall there are also the Pengibul Falls and Tibumana.


Located in Banjar Bangun Lemah, Apuan Village, Susut District, Bangli Regency, Bali Province.

GPS Maps and Coordinates:


It’s about 1 hour drive from the city of Denpasar. The location of this waterfall is adjacent to Pengibul and Tibumana waterfalls, precisely close to the highway.

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