Clean Terraced Waterfall di Buleleng

As the name implies Multilevel Waterfall consists of several levels of water flowing following the stone terrace. There are at least 3 relatively high levels. Each of these levels has a drop of water forming a pond at the bottom. with very clean and clear water. The height of each level is different, but overall it becomes a fairly high waterfall. This condition allows visitors to play in the water fall freely, even climbing to the upper terrace.

The existence of this multilevel waterfall is under Campuhan Waterfall and it is located not far about 500 m. By walking down the path that will go down to get to the location of this waterfall.

Compared to the other two waterfalls (Campuhan and Gitgit), the Tiered Waterfall has the least number of visitors. This is because the existence of a parking lot is not on the edge of the road. Moreover, the signpost sign that is on the edge of the road is so small that it is often invisible. Also the existence of the parking lot away from the big road so to go to the location must walk through the path to the location of the waterfall is located.

Under this waterfall there is a bridge that runs from the river that runs through it.Location

Located in Gitgit Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali Province.

GPS Maps and Coordinates: ° 10 ‘60.00 “S 115 ° 7’ 60.00” E


To go to the waterfall is quite confusing because there are no directions. Besides that, to get there, you have to pass through the resident’s village and clove plantation with the winding paths up and down.

It is 11 km from the city of Singaraja to the south to the villages of Pancasari and Bedugul or 16 km from the tourist area of ​​Bedegul. While from the city of Denpasar the distance is approximately as far as 67 km or ± 2 hours travel time with the condition of the winding road through the Yellow Temple.

The entrance to the location of the waterfall is marked by a signboard (unfortunately too small so often passed) located to the left of the main road. The entrance is quite narrow, it can only be passed by one car. After arriving at the vehicle parking area (about 300 m from the main road) the journey continues on foot as far as approximately 500 m along the footpath through the houses and clove gardens to arrive at the location of the waterfall is located.

Ticket and Parking

The entrance ticket is IDR 5,000 for adults and IDR 3000 for children.

Facilities and Accommodation

There are several gazebos around this location and also several stalls that sell various snacks and drinks.

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