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Bukit Guungan Candidasa in Karangasem Bali

This interesting place, I chose Guungan Hill Candidasa, a place that is still relatively new and beautiful with hilly nuances with cool ocean views!
The view from above will be very beautiful if in the morning or evening, this spot is very interesting, especially for instagramers who like to hunt photos and have fun with friends.

Guungan Hill Candidasa Karangasem.

For those who like adventure, this interesting place is very fitting to be included in your next list of destinations, not many people know or come here, due to the lack of information obtained, but the photos are quite well known and spread on social networks.

Guungan Hill.

Well .. for those who are curious about the place, here I will provide a little review and location for those who have never or want to visit Guungan Hill.
As the name suggests, Guungan Candidasa Hill, located not far from Candidasa Beach, having its address at Jl. Raya Candidasa, Manggis – Karangasem Regency, Bali.

The point is, you just have to look for Puri Pandan Candidasa, if you are from the west, the location of Puri Pandan is right in the area of ​​Candidasa Beach before the lotus pond, if you have found it, the position of the entrance to Guungan Hill is right across from Puri Pandan, guys. The hill is very clearly visible from the main road.

Interesting places in Bali.

There are no supporting signs on this side of the road, therefore it will be very difficult for you to find them. The road access is not good yet, still in the form of rocky gravel, difficult to pass for four-wheeled vehicles, while it can be traversed by two-wheeled vehicles, or you can just park your vehicle first and the location of Guungan Hill you can take on foot for about 15 minutes. arrived at this location.

Guungan Hill.

Pak Gusti is the person who looks after and is responsible for everything in this place. Before you arrive at the location, usually Mr. Gusti’s son will ask for an entrance fee, Rp. 5,000 per person. This money will be partially allocated for the progress of this place in the future, Mr. Gusti himself has high hopes for this place, later when it is crowded it will be built and added with stalls and other supporting facilities, said Mr. Gusti, who I met at the location before I went up to Guungan Hill. this.

The native people around this place are very friendly, if you want to ask something just ask politely, of course … hehe

Arriving at Guungan Hill, you just have to adjust your breath and start walking, this hill is quite high, to get to the top it takes a little struggle, but it is very easy to get through, guys, because this hill is mostly like stairs and is overgrown with grass so it is temporary. step up and enjoy the view, guys.

There have been several foreign tourists who have come to Guungan Hill, Mr. Gusti himself who escorted the tourists up to the Hill, many of them also came specifically for camping with the group.

But always remember to keep this Interesting Place clean, guys, so that in the future it will be even more crowded and it will always look interesting..he

Well … for those who are curious, don’t want to lose, look for opportunities at the right time and sunny day, if anyone wants to be asked, please comment directly in the comments column or via email via the column to the right of the post ‘See you on the next trip guys! Recommended.

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