Batu Tampih Beach Black Sandy Beach

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Along the way from Pig Stone Beach to Batu Tampih Beach
Fun wave and black sandy beach is what is interesting on this beach, it seems that not many people know the location or name of this beach, it can be seen from when I was here that it was still quiet with visitors, only a few tourists I had encountered and that too because they were staying around area near this beach, the rest are only a few local people.

Batu Tampih Beach
Well .. Interesting Places in Bali this time I will review a little info about the location and description of the beach in my photo guys, the beach is located in Pangkung Tibah, Kediri, Tabanan Regency – Bali, the spot I took here is precisely on the beach. Batu Tampih, I saw this Interesting Place when I arrived at Pig Stone Beach, from there I walked west along the edge of the beach and as a result arrived at this spot, most tourists who have come to this spot call it Pig Stone Beach, yes maybe because of that just like I walked from east to west .. hehe

Batu Tampih Beach – Bali

Batu Tampih Beach is located between Pig Stone Beach and Yeh Gangga Beach, so if you have ever visited one of these beaches it will be very easy to find this spot, all you have to do is look for Banjar Batu Tampih Kangin, if you are from the east the Banjar position is next to on your left from the main road then you just have to enter and continue to follow the paved road to the south until it runs out, more or less from the main road to this beach about 10 minutes drive, the road can be traversed by two and four-wheeled vehicles, along the way you will pass views of rice fields and cows – Cows belonging to local residents, just cool.

Advice from a palm tree ..
Soak up the sun, stand tall and proud ..
Remember your roots, drink plenty of water ..
Be content with your natural beauty, enjoy the view ..

Here the sand is blackish in color and a bit dense, some tourists and local people use it to play atv on the beach, guys … so far Batu Tampih Beach and other beaches around this area may still have a lot of charm that we don’t know, next time for sure we will explore further .. 😀 ‘See you on the next trip guys! Recommended!

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