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Baliwoso Camp Bali Entrance Ticket Lodging Prices 2020

Hi traveler’s friends, meet again with Kang Dian, the author of the Bali Tourism information blog, who this time will review one of the List of Camping Places in Bali,

more precisely, a Camping Place in Bangli Regency which is in the Tourist Attractions area in Kintamani which is famous for its natural beauty of the mountains and its cool air, namely Baliwoso Camp.

I will present this Baliwoso Camping Kintamani Bali review to complement the previous information about camping places on the island of Bali that have been reviewed a lot,

Such as camping spots in the tourist attractions in Karangasem, namely Asah Hill, camping ground in tourist attractions in Kuta, such as Nyang Nyang Beach and Tegal Wangi Beach,

then camping spots in the tourist spots in Tabanan such as Kedungu Beach, camping ground in the tourist attractions in Denpasar such as Camping on Serangan Island,

then camping in the tourist attractions in Buleleng such as Camping at Tamblingan Lake, then camping in the tourist attractions in Gianyar such as Rangkung Hill Camping Ground,

to camping in the area of ​​tourist attractions in Nusa Penida such as Camping at Broken Beach and of course Camping in Kintamani, namely at the top of Mount Batur and Camping in Pinggan Village etc.

So then what is the attraction and the best accommodation facilities from Camping Places in Bangli and Camping Places at Kintamani Baliwoso Camp?

then what is the Baliwoso Camp Bali Entrance Ticket Price? and what are the prices for camping at Baliwoso Kintamani Bali complete with the latest tent rental prices or the latest Baliwoso prices?

Okay, to answer all the questions above, as usual, I want to invite all of you to find out more information below.

Baliwoso Camp Bali
Baliwoso Camp Bali address
Route to Baliwoso Camp Bali
The appeal of Baliwoso Camp Kintamani Bali
Tourism Activities at Baliwoso Camp Bali
Tourism Facilities for Camping in Baliwoso Camp, Pengoatan Village, Bali
Baliwoso Camp Pengotan Bali Ecotourism Package
Baliwoso Camp Bali entrance ticket prices
Baliwoso Camp Bali Contact Number
Baliwoso Camp Bali
Baliwoso Camp Bali

Traveler’s friends, as we know there are many hits in Bali which have been very popular as a favorite tourist destination for many tourists who have a vacation to the island of the gods,

starting from natural beach attractions in Bali, lakes in Bali, hills in Bali, waterfalls in Bali, hot springs in Bali, rice terraces in Bali and rafting in Bali,

to Night Tourist Attractions in Bali, Beach Clubs in Bali as well as a number of family-selected children’s tourist attractions in Bali such as Waterbom Bali, Museums in Bali and many others.

well, even with the facilities and tourist accommodation, Bali has many lodging alternatives ranging from hotels near the beach, villas near the lake and others.

In fact, Kang has reviewed some of the Best Cheap Lodging places in Bali that can be used as a place to stay during the holidays exploring tourist attractions in Bali,

such as Cheap Hotels in Kuta, Cheap Hotels in Denpasar, Cheap Hotels in Seminyak, Cheap Hotels in Ubud and finally Cheap Hotels in Nusa Dua.

Now specifically this time, I want to continue the discussion about the most popular alternative places to stay in Bali which are now increasingly in demand by travelers traveling to Bali.

which is an open-air lodging place that offers a different sensation of staying by staying in hotels and villas, namely camping at Baliwoso Camp Bali.

This is one of the best choices for your place to stay while exploring tourist attractions in the Kintamani area, Bangli Regency.

Baliwoso Camp Bali address
A traveler’s friend, the location of Baliwoso Camp itself is in Pengotan Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali 80614 [Location Map]

The location is close and easily accessible from famous tourist attractions in Kintamani Bali such as Lake Batur with Trunyan Village and Penelokan Village.

Then with the Toya Bungkah Hot Spring and Toya Devasya, Batur Geopark Museum, Kintamani Pine Forest,

as well as a number of other popular tourist attractions in Bangli district, such as Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Tirta Sudamala Temple.

So then what is the distance and travel time to drive to Baliwoso Camp Bali from Tourist Attractions in Nusa Dua and other tourist objects in Bali?

Please see it below, and I will share an example of a road route to Baliwoso Camp in Kintamani from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Route to Baliwoso Camp Bali
The road is quite good, for those of you backpackers who bring a car, take a bus or rent a motorbike in Bali, it is very easy and safe to get here.

The appeal of Baliwoso Camp Kintamani Bali
Traveler’s friends, are you one of the many people who prefer that hotels are not one of the mandatory choices for places to stay during a vacation out of town?

especially for those of you backpackers who are nature lovers, surely friends will prefer a place to stay that is cheap but comfortable even though it is a place to stay in the open, right?

Now if so, there is an option for lodging in Bali that you can rent when you go on vacation to visit tourist attractions in Kintamni and Bali, namely Baliwoso Camp Bali.

So then the question is what interesting things can you get when choosing to stay at one of the camping spots in Kintamani Bali?

Baliwoso Camp Bali
The Best and Cheapest Camping Place in Kintamani Bali
A traveler’s friend, the first thing why you must try to spend the night or rest at Baliwoso Camp Bali in Kintamani is the best Camping Ground in Bali,

different from other campgrounds in Bali, this camping ground in kintamani offers natural treats typical of beautiful mountainous highlands and is very cold at night.

Even when compared to the resort-style stay in Bali near popular beaches such as the Menjangan Dyanasty Resort near the West Bali National Park,

it is clear that the choice to stay at Baliwoso Camp will feel much more integrated with the surrounding environment, and most importantly it remains comfortable and the price is cheap.

Friends need to know that every camping tent that you can borrow at the Tent Rental Place at Baliwoso Camp Bali, is made with a design that will make your resting time comfortable and safe.

Just try to imagine, in every tent it is like staying at Glamourous Camping or Glamping in Bali, every tent here has a shower facility with hot water.

For those of you who come on a trip to Bali with your children or family members, the choice of tents to stay at Baliwoso Camp Bali is also fairly complete,

You can choose a tent with a capacity ranging from one person, two to a tent with a capacity of 4, 6 to 8 people which can be adjusted according to your needs and tastes.

Ecotourism Place in Kintamani Bali
Traveler’s friends, other interesting things that you can enjoy when choosing a resting place by camping at Baliwoso Camp Bali are,

Exciting and interesting tourism activities around this camping place, namely interacting with residents or residents around the Baliwoso camping ground, aka Ecotourism.

A traveler’s friend, the Ecotourism Baliwoso Camp Kintamani Bali program was deliberately created by the manager in collaboration with the surrounding community,

with the aim of promoting Baliwoso tourism potential as well as customs and culture by introducing it directly to visitors staying at Baliwoso Camp Bali.

Tourism Activities at Baliwoso Camp Bali
Friends of traveler’s, here are some interesting things you can do when deciding to choose a vacation spot in the Baliwoso Kintamani Bali camping area.

Learn to Make Udeng
The tourism activities include how to make a typical Balinese “udeng” which later when it is finished we can attach it to each other’s heads.

Learn to Make Baskets
Not only that, the Baliwoso Camp Bali ecotourism program also teaches each participant to learn how to make baskets,

And interestingly, when the basket is finished, we will use the basket as a container for sweet potatoes that we harvest from the plantation area there.

Learn to Make Ice Cream
Traveler’s friend, the next exciting and guaranteed activity is learning how to make ice cream from harvested purple sweet potatoes, isn’t it interesting?

Play Tulup & Archery
Another interesting tourist activity is to try a variety of traditional Balinese games, such as playing “tulup”, bamboo games filled with needle eyes and then shooting them by blowing them,

Playing Stilts
A traveler’s friend, apart from in Bali, this type of traditional game commonly played by Indonesians can also be played at Baliwoso Camp Kintamani Bali.

Learn to Play Gamelan
Friends of traveler’s, another interesting thing you can do at Baliwoso Camp Bali, especially for children is to learn how to play a gamelan instrument,

well, by practicing gamelan here, who knows in the future if you are already professional, then you will have the opportunity to play gamelan in the Kecak and Barong dance stages.

as we usually see the show at Pura Luhur Uluwatu or Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Bali and Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud right?

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