Awesome Tangkub Waterfall in Bangli

Another name for Tangkub SLAU Cascade is Cascade. The SLAU name is derived from the name of the river flowing below. This waterfall has a height of about 25 m which circulates between the striking rock walls. There are three streams of waterfalls there, but the other is with him and does not flow directly to the same place. At first glance, it looks like twin waterfalls viewed from the front.

Also in the same district that is also Tukad Cepung Waterfall.Location

Located in Undisan Kelod Village, District Tembuku, Bangli Regency, Province of Bali.

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To access the location Tangkup fall pengujung water must have enough stamina. Because the distance that must be taken is long and steep. First visitors must pass by a row of rice fields that was found in the village.

After that, visitors have the Moorish café of the community. Does it visitors must be careful because the road is still a path. Because the moor is divided between the ravines, visitors must go through a bamboo bridge. However, visitors should not worry because the bridge made by the community is already strong enough.

After crossing the bridge, visitors must still go through a field decreases. Although the downward road to be traversed is still in the form of a path, the community began to make a undag as a bridgehead. After crossing a steep moorland, so visitors will find the location of the waterfall with a height of 25 meters. Flanked by high cliffs, which makes for Tangkup fall very exotic and unique water. Any fatigue that was felt primarily by the visitors during the trip will be paid by the beautiful scenery there.

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