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5 Famous Tourism Objects in Badung

Badung is a central area of ​​the island of Bali which has the capital city of Mangapura, Mengwi. In Badung Regency there are also many attractions that can be visited, various tourist attractions are in this area. Most of the residents work in the tourism sector, because there are many famous tourist attractions on the island of Bali and are also popular overseas, such as Kuta, Legian, Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Uluwatu Temple, Taman Ayun Temple, Sangeh, Tanjung Benoa, Water Boom Park, Bali Bomb Monument (legian), and other

In this area there are many beach attractions such as Kuta Beach which is very famous and is a tourist icon of the island of Bali. Other well-known beaches are Nusa Dua Beach, Dreamland Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Seminyak Beach, Padang-padang Beach, Cangu Beach, therefore popular activities include Surfing, Diving, Water Sports such as Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Sea Walker, Sunbathing and others. Other interesting adventure tours that you should try and not miss such as Rafting, River Tubing, Horse Safari, Sling Shot, and many more that you will encounter when on vacation here.

The northern part of this area is a mountainous region with cool air, bordering the district of Buleleng, while in the southern part is a lowland with white sandy beaches and directly borders with the Indonesian Ocean. The middle part is a rice field area with beautiful and beautiful views, bordered by Gianyar Regency and Denpasar City in the East, while in the West it is bordered by Tabanan Regency.


Kuta is a crowded tourist area visited by domestic and foreign tourists.
Kuta is a good place to watch the sunset. Besides being famous for its beaches and sunsets, Kuta is also famous as a night entertainment center in Bali. This area is located on the famous seashore of Kuta Beach, this beach is quite famous all over the world, especially tourists who love surfing / surfing, because the waves are perfect for surfing. Right in the heart of Kuta there is a suitable tourist location for the whole family that is no less interesting, namely Waterbom Bali.

in the 1980s Kuta was once famous as the “popular stop on the classic bacpacking route in South East Asia”. The backpackers always juxtapose Kuta with Katmandu in Nepal and Khao San Road in Bangkok as “the three Ks”. Even now Kuta remains a magnet for backpackers and tourists from all over the world, especially for young tourists from Australia. In Kuta, there are many choices of accommodation from cheap inns that are very suitable for backpackers.

As a very famous tourist destination, Kuta has complete accommodation facilities and luxury star hotels that are perfect for those who want to experience the luxury of Bali. In this area you will easily find lodging from five-star hotels, guesthouses, to huts, shops, restaurants, bathing places and sunbathing locations. Some famous hotels near Kuta beach are Bali Dynasty Resort, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Santika Beach Premiere Hotel.

Even with a limited budget, we can still enjoy tours to the island of Bali. Cheap hotels in Kuta can be found on the street Popies I and Poppies II can be the right choice to stay. There are many hotels that are relatively cheap, clean with adequate facilities and the location is close to the beach. If you want to shop, you can find boutiques and gift shops along the road. There is also a surfwear / sportswear store on Jalan Melasti that sells well-known brands such as Volcom, Rip Curl, Rusty, Surfer Girl, Billabong, and Quicksilver at 30% -50% cheaper prices compared to other places. This area also has Balinesse Tatto on Jalan Poppies II, a tattoo studio with experienced artists who will tattoo our bodies.

In addition to the beauty of its beaches, Kuta beach also offers various other types of entertainment such as bars and restaurants along the beach to Legian beach. You can easily find entertainment places like cafes, bars, pubs, discos, or karaoke. For fans of “Night Life”, Kuta is the right choice. Along the way in this area we can find bars and nightclubs that are always full of party enthusiasts. Bagus Pub, Rosovivo, Twice Bar, Ocean Beach Club, Kamasutra, are some of the most crowded clubs along Kuta beach. The very famous Hardrock Cafe also exists in Kuta, located right in front of Kuta Beach.

To avoid being stuck in traffic, it’s better to use a motorcycle or bicycle to explore the Kuta area. There are many vehicle rentals in this area that we can rent per day, we can more freely explore this area as much. When using a private car, it is better to park near Jalan Poppies II.

Just walking for a while, we can feel the crowded streets of Kuta while avoiding traffic jams.

Waterbom Bali

Want to go to the most exciting vacation spots for families, children, young and old in Bali? Want to swim and sunbathe or relax in the pool? Want to try a challenging and exciting water game ride in Bali? Everything is only in Waterbom Kuta-Bali, which is in the heart of Kuta, precisely on Kartika Plaza street. Waterbom Bali is easily reached even by walking from Kuta Beach. If you are from Ngurah Rai Airport, the distance to Waterbom Bali is only about 2 km. From Tuban Beach, Waterbom Bali is only 900 meters away. From Legian Beach, the distance to Waterbom Bali is only 3 kilometers. Waterbom Bali is also adjacent to Hardrock Café Bali and a number of other facilities.

There are many types of rides and games here with a number of facilities that will spoil you. Inside there is a swimming pool, a variety of challenging water games, tropical gardens that are laid out with beautiful views which are very popular for family recreation areas both by foreign and local tourists. Waterboom is open every day starting at 9:00 am to 6 pm, with an area of ​​3.8 hectares capable of accommodating visitors up to 1000 people. A number of games and water rides that test adrenaline such as race track, pleasure pool, lazy river, raft river, boogie ride, smash down, boomerang, super bowl, and jungle rides are waiting and ready to be sailed. This water game is safe and suitable for all family members. Each vehicle uses an international standardized security system and is overseen by a number of experienced officers.

There are some of the most popular rides at Waterbom Bali that can test your guts and pump up your adrenaline. One of the most challenging vehicles of courage is Climax. This vehicle invites you to enter a small room at a height of approximately 19 meters above the ground. Get ready because you don’t know when the door to the small space under your feet will open and catapult your body into a giant pipe shaped channel with a downward and winding path. In this vehicle that is challenging is the ejection speed that can push you so that it becomes a test of courage which certainly pumps adrenaline.

Superbowl is another vehicle in which the path of the pipe is closed and will end in a giant bowl before you are ushered into a comfortable swimming pool. Boomerang will deliver you on steep up and down trajectories from a height of 20 meters. For those of you who are crazy about speed, Smashdown with a slope of approximately 60 degrees will provide a tense experience when crossing the lane with a speed of approximately 70 km / hour. Macaroni is a water vehicle that takes you across a rotating path in a closed pipe that presents its own tension. Jungle rides are water rides that will take you across open paths shaded by tropical trees.

For children, there is a Funtastic vehicle that is designed safe for children and is closely monitored by officers. For those of you who are reluctant to try out adrenaline-pumping vehicles or rides, don’t worry. There are many choices of places to swim or just sit on a float while wading through a calm stream. Lazy river is the right place even for those of you who want to calm down after enjoying the extreme rides that shake the courage and heart discussed earlier. Water blaster is a war game where the water balloon is a weapon, this game is quite fun.

Waterbom Bali, which began operating in December 1993 and has received a number of awards. Among them are EarthCheck Silver Certified in 2011. These awards are usually given to companies or organizations that have passed a number of due diligence studies covering 14 indicators relating to environmental safety systems. In addition, Waterbom Bali also pocketed Tri Hita Karana every year from 2001-2002 to 2011 in a row. Tri Hita Karana is awarded annually to agencies or institutions that have an important role in the tourism industry on the island of Bali. The Best Waterpark 2011 was also successfully obtained by Waterbom Bali from the World Waterpark Association.

In this location available facilities in the form of an international restaurant / food court, changing rooms, rescue workers, beach volleyball court, souvenir shops and a playground for children. a number of restaurants, hot spots, gazebos, retail shops, pool bars, spas, and others as a place to rest after tired of trying out various rides of attractions.

Some accommodation facilities from the many hotels that you can choose around Kuta Beach, namely
The Royal Eighteen Resort and Spa, Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort, Ramayana Resort & Spa, The Radia

iant Hotel and Spa, Best Western Resort Kuta, Harris Resort Kuta Beach, Adhi Jaya Hotel, Dewi Sri Hotel, etc.

Kuta Beach is one of the tourist icons on the island of Bali, a wide, clean white sandy beach with waves that are almost perfect for surfing, a special attraction for tourists, so there is an expression that says: “Coming to Bali without visiting Kuta has not seen Bali” . At dusk when the sun begins to set, Kuta is transformed to present a very beautiful and romantic sunset view. While enjoying the refreshing cool breeze, Kuta is often used as a place for exciting afternoon sports. Kuta or Kuta beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali.

Kuta beach is located in Kuta, Badung regency, precisely south of Denpasar. Kuta Beach Bali is well known to foreign countries, Kuta beach is a meeting place for tourists from all over the world including local tourists. The beauty of Kuta beach has existed since the 70s, Kuta beach is often called the sunset beach, because it will display extraordinary charm during the evening and night. This extraordinary beauty is an attraction for tourists to visit Bali.

Kuta beach area has complete facilities according to the needs of tourists such as various inns, hotels and restaurants of international standard, as well as shopping centers, recreation areas, nightlife is so lively. If you visit there, you will find luxury bars and clubs along the beach, a cool place to hang out, enjoy the fresh beach air and is the right place for a vacation. Kuta beach has hot weather, suitable for foreign tourists who want to sunbathe on the beach, so for those of you who want to go to Bali, especially Kuta beach you should prepare a sun block so that the skin does not become dark.

In addition to the beauty of the enchanting beach atmosphere, you can also enjoy a variety of game attractions that are presented around the beach area, including bungy jumping, slingshot, or to family rides such as Bali Waterboom. Various attractions are certainly enough entertainment that can add to your preoccupation enjoying the atmosphere of Kuta Bali beach.

The special thing about Kuta beach is that there is a turtle habitat, many people do not know about this. Kuta beach was the place to live for sea turtles, but because it is now on the verge of extinction, so in Kuta there is turtle maintenance, this animal is very protected by Government Regulations

Kuta Beach is usually crowded with tourists during the holiday season, which is July – August and December – January. Make sure you have booked the hotel well in advance when you want to visit Kuta in that month.

After getting tired of surfing, sunbathing, or just watching the sunset, you can try to walk around the beach. For those who like to shop, there are many souvenir shops in the Kuta area that sell handicrafts with various materials and shapes such as rings, earrings and a variety of unique trinkets, accessories and various clothes, such as pants / beach clothes, beach cloth with attractive motifs at an affordable price. Also available are supermarkets, food stalls, and restaurants that serve a variety of dishes with various flavors.


Legian was originally an agrarian village located in Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia. Even though it is located on the seashore, most of its residents live from farming. Only a small portion of Legian residents work as fishermen. The flow of tourist visits from day to day continues to increase which at the same time invites residents outside the area to come to Bali to help build tourism facilities in Bali tourism locations. As soon as visits to the Kuta tourist area increasingly booming, overflow of visitors from Kuta leads to Legian and Seminyak which are located next to each other. The two villages also helped to improve and provide various facilities for travelers.

The only beach tourism in Legian is Legian Beach with waves that can reach a height of 3 meters making it great for surfing. Legian has a worldwide surfer, Nengah Kasim, who is now the Prayer / Prayer leader at Puseh Temple.

Jalan Legian is one of the tourist center areas in Kuta Bali. This road becomes the main road to Kuta beach and Waterbom Park, so you will find many foreign tourists on this road. The length of the Legian road is about 1 Km, which runs from west to east, from the Legian area to the T-junction leading to Kuta beach. When entering this road, for a moment, the traditional Balinese impression will disappear, visitors will find the modern area of ​​

li. The concept of this road is more oriented to the western world, visitors will feel like abroad. The shopping complex, hotel, the hustle and bustle of the nightlife is identical to the Legian Bali street.

Legian Bali is a paradise for those who like to shop. Shops are the main attraction on this road which always spoil tourists. Almost all types of goods are here, you will find a variety of shops, from traditional art shops, accessories stores, food stores or mini markets, to clothing boutiques with famous brands such as Billabong or Rip Curl. Goods sold range from clothing, watches, bags, and unique trinkets to Balinese souvenirs. The types of clothes that are sold are also various, ranging from Balinese shirts, shirts, jeans, to Balinese woven fabrics. There is even a shop that sells surfing clothes for women famous on Jalan Legian and the only one in Bali, the Surfergirl shop. So if visitors do not have time to shop at the Sukawati market or Tanah Lot Bali, they can buy souvenirs on this street. But, of course the price of goods on Legian street is more expensive than at the Kumbasari Denpasar souvenir market for example.

The tourist area of ​​Legian Bali is also synonymous with Bali’s parties and nightlife. Various nightclubs such as bars, pubs, or nightclubs are widely available on this street. Some of the famous nightlife spots on Jalan Legian are Bounty Discotheque, Espresso Bar, the E’s Style Cafe & Bar, M-Bargo, Bounty Pub, Sky Garden, or Vi Ai Pi. Nightlife in this area has always been an attraction for people visiting this area. Many foreign tourists visit the bar or cafe, with an open place the waiters offer a variety of menus to accompany each tourist’s relaxing time while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Legian. The foreign tourists consider the area of ​​Legian is a fairly cheap entertainment place. But for local tourists the price in this area is quite expensive.

You will find a lot of accommodation facilities scattered around Legian. Starting from small hotels like Tanaya Hotel, to star hotels. Some famous accommodations in Legian are Padma Resort, Bali Mandira Beach Resort, Bali Niksoma Hotels, The 101 Legian, and Ramada Resort Camakila. Accommodation in Legian is the right choice, especially for tourists who love the beach because it is so close to Kuta beach.

Seminyak beach

Not far from Legian beach, there is Seminyak beach (some people call it Dhyanapura Beach) located in the village of Seminyak, Kuta district, Badung district. This beach has very soft and gentle sand. Seminyak Beach is located on the same coastline as Kuta Beach. You can reach Kuta, Legian and Seminyak on foot. Accommodation at this beach is very easy, because the facilities at this beach can be said to be the same as at Kuta beach. Along the beach there are hotels, villas, restaurants, bars and cafes that are quite crowded every day. Because many foreign tourists and local tourists who come.

This beach is located north of Kuta beach. The atmosphere is almost the same as Kuta beach, the difference is because the location is a bit far from the bustle of Kuta, visitors to Legian and Seminyak beaches are not as much as Kuta beach. But this is precisely the advantages! The atmosphere is not as hustle and bustle as Kuta to make you more calm to enjoy a holiday.

On this beach, you can also do activities that are usually done on Kuta beach. Swimming, sunbathing on the white sand, surfing, playing ball on the coast, also enjoying the panorama at sunset. We can try Bungy Jumping which is jumping free from a 45 meter high tower, a vehicle for tourist attractions that is quite an adrenaline rush. The safeguards that are used when you are jumping are a special strap that is attached to the ankle.

Bungy Jumping rides are at AJ Hawckett which is located on the edge of Seminyak beach, right next to Club Double Six. There are three choices of time to jump, namely day, evening and night. Jump in the afternoon or evening, you can both enjoy the beautiful scenery along the coast of Kuta-Legian-Seminyak. If you want to get a photo of yourself while floating on a blue sky background, jump in the afternoon. If you want a reddish sky background, jump before sunset.

If you want to stay around Seminyak, you can choose hotels like The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa, The Legian Bali Hotel, Ahimsa Estate.

Cangu Beach

Among the many famous beaches in Bali, Canggu Beach is one that is worth a visit and is no less beautiful and attractive than other beaches on the Island of the Gods. Canggu Beach is located in Canggu Village, North Kuta District, Badung Regency. Beach with the characteristics of emptiness

n black sand is located not far from Legian Beach or North Kuta Beach. The attraction of this beach that makes it famous to foreign is to have fairly high waves making it ideal for surfing.

Canggu Beach began to be glimpsed by tourists, especially local and international surfers who want to try out the waves of Canggu beach. This is proven, in 2004 the Indonesia Surfing Championship (ISC) was held on this beach. Apart from the waves, of course the beauty of the beach panorama is also another reason. Uniquely, across the coast can be enjoyed by views of a vast expanse of rice fields following a group of birds flying on it. The atmosphere of the beach like this is not commonly found and certainly gives its own impression. In addition, on May 30, 2013, CNN (Cable News Network) placed three beaches in Indonesia among the 100 best beaches from around the world in the “World’s 100 Best Beaches”. Well, one of these beaches is Canggu Beach, Bali, which occupies 39th position. If you visit Bali don’t forget to try surfing at Canggu beach.

This beach is only about a few kilometers from Legian, the distance to the location of this beach is approximately 18 km from the city of Denpasar and approximately 45 minutes drive when using a motorized vehicle from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport.

Existing facilities on the beach Cangu is fairly complete, such as hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants and cafes are now mushrooming. Here are some of the five-star hotels in the Canggu area, such as The Bali Dream Villas & Resorts, Sandy Canggu Villas, The Oshan Villas Bali, Komea Villas, Andy’s Surf Villas & Bungalows, United Colors of Bali, etc.

Padang-padang Beach

If you are looking for a calm and not noisy beach atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of the world, which gives you a place to cool off, then visit Padang-padang Beach. To reach Padang-padang Beach is not difficult. This beach is located in the village of Pecatu, South Kuta District. It is located not too far from Uluwatu Temple, and is still in the same direction as the path to Dreamland Beach. What is unique about this beach is its entrance. You will pass a small temple first. After that, from the temple there are stairs that descend, leading to the beach area. However, the steps are in the sidelines of a cliff-like corridor that resembles a cave. The width is only enough for one person, so it must be one at a time to pass the stairs. After the steps end, you will set foot in a hidden paradise.

The view of Padang-padang Beach is similar to Dreamland Beach, only it’s smaller and quieter the atmosphere. In addition to stretching white sand, you are also presented with a beautiful view as well. The water is clear green with beautiful waves, which will tempt you to play for a moment. For lovers of surfing sports, Padang-padang Beach is the right place.

Around the coast there are still forests that maintain their beauty. This forest is located on a cliff that surrounds Padang-padang Beach. This beach is indeed surrounded by majestic cliffs and coral reefs located on the sides of the beach. Every now and then you will hear the chirping of birds and the screams of monkeys that jump from tree to tree, you enjoy nature while lying down on its white sand.

Have you watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love? Those who have watched must remember the scene where Julia Robert swam on a deserted beach. Now the beach in the film is Padang-padang beach. This beach became famous after entering the film that aired internationally. There are indeed visitors who come here because they are curious about the original scene after seeing the film and then want to trace the footsteps of Julia Robert on the beach. Padang-Padang is also suitable for sunset lovers, sunbathing bathed in sunlight and enjoying what Julia Robert enjoyed.

Green Bowl Beach – Beauty Hidden Behind the Cliffs
The beauty of this beach will certainly give a deeper impression, because in every corner it is so beautiful and charming. The natural beauty of the beaches is different and the calm atmosphere offered by this beach makes anyone fall in love with them. The beaches are also naturally suitable if you want to practice yoga or meditate in a peaceful natural setting. Here you can do anything without disturbing, a beautiful hidden place for a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist rush of Bali.

Green Bowl Beach is located in the district of South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Here your vacation will be more memorable and feels exclusive. Foreign tourists, especially surfers, call it Green Bowl Beach or Bali Cliff Beach, and sometimes Hidden Beach. Called the Green Bowl because it is

any low tide will form a bowl of green coral when you look at the top of the hill. Its beauty is so captivating and eye.

Its location is hidden behind a cliff, has clean white sand with crystal clear turquoise sea water. To reach the shoreline, you must descend hundreds of steps that are quite steep. Although this beach is not yet in the tour guide book or travel package. Not many visitors come here, only surfers are generally very familiar with this place. You will find them coming in groups with surfboards down hundreds of steps which are surrounded by trees and apes occasionally appear. However, you don’t need to worry because this beach is located not far from Denpasar or Kuta. All three are on the Bukit Peninsula, between the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Object and Uluwatu Temple.

Once in the parking lot on the cliff you will immediately be presented with a wide and beautiful beach view with rolling white waves. Please go down the stairs to the lip of the beach. Enjoy the trip down these hundreds of steps while breathing in fresh air and the breeze of the beach. Arriving at the bottom, the second welcome is a large expanse of white sand and is different from other grains of beach sand in Bali. The charm of the bluish green sea and the cool breeze, white clouds scattered in the blue sky beautify this beach. You can watch surfers who are dancing in the waves, some foreign tourists who swim, sunbathe, or snorkel on this beach.

Be careful when going down hundreds of steps at a steep enough slope on the right side, some parts of the protective bar have been removed. You should bring enough food and drink supplies because there are no food sellers on the beach, except on the cliff of the parking lot.

On this beach there is also a cave inhabited by hundreds of bats. During the day, the bat sleeps hanging on the roof of the cave. In the evening, they flew out to find food. As if accustomed to the presence of the visitors, they still slept comfortably in this cave.

Nyang Nyang Beach

The location of this beach is hidden behind a hill and to achieve it requires extra effort because you need to pass through a path that is not smooth. However, after arriving there, an unspoiled beach presented beautifully wrapped in a stunning natural panorama, makes you feel lucky to have visited it. Nyang Nyang Beach is in the southern part of Bali, precisely in the village of Pecatu, District of South Kuta, Badung Regency. Approximately 32 km from Denpasar City or approximately 1 hour drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. Nyang Nyang Beach is similar in condition to Karma Kandara Beach and Green Bowl Beach. These three beaches offer you a different place with a calm and natural beach atmosphere.

This beach is so perfect to relax because there hasn’t been much touched on the hustle and bustle of the tourism industry that is rife on the island of Bali. Nyang Nyang Beach offers the beauty of its white and soft sand ready to welcome your tired legs after descending the stairs. The waves and sea waves that can be said to be perfect for surfers are another beauty on this beach. This is more complete with the impression of more privacy that you will get on the beach which is fairly quiet and virgin in South Bali. Nyang Nyang Beach can be said to be an isolated beach because of the hidden location of the beach and the inconvenient road access that makes tourists rarely visit this beach.

Nyang Nyang Beach is more popular among foreign tourists who love to surf. This natural and beautiful hidden virgin beach does have quite large waves and is ideal for surfing. Because of the great wave characteristics, this beach has become the choice of national and international surfing championships. However, keep in mind that this beach is only for professional surfers and is not recommended for beginners. Sunbathing and swimming at this beach are other fun activities that you can do while at Nyang Nyang Beach.

You should visit Nyang-Nyang Beach during the dry season by renting a tall body vehicle because the road to this beach is uneven ground with limestone. In the rainy season, the road is very slippery and can make your vehicle slip. Bring enough food and drink to visit Nyang Nyang Beach, which is still a virgin and hidden. In addition, also prepare the stamina to descend and climb hundreds of stairs which is the only way to Nyang Nyang Beach.

Nyang Nyang Beach is also located not far from the famous Uluwatu Temple. Set

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