5 Enchanting Bali Pandawa Beach Spots


Pandawa Beach Bali – The beauty of tourism in Bali is amazing and incomparable, one of which is the beach. The island of Bali has a myriad of very interesting and popular beach tours, especially on the Pandawa beach. Tourist attractions on Pandawa beach are never empty of visitors, even from foreign tourists to meet this beach. Pandawa beach tourism has its own beauty and is very worthy of being a tourist destination for traveling friends.

Pandawa beach has been a target for many years as a tourist spot on the island of Bali. Besides you can enjoy the natural beauty of Pandawa beach, you can also see towering cliffs and some of the typical Balinese culinary here. Along with the development of the times, this beach is getting better and maintained so that the beach becomes neat and the beauty is well preserved. The following Indonesian tourist info will review the beauty of Pandawa beach.

Pandawa Beach Tourism Objects in Bali

Pandawa Beach is located not far from Nusa Dua, the road to the beach is also very smooth. When you slide towards Pandawa beach, you will pass many cliffs that surround the road for access to the beach. It can be sure that your trip is very exotic and enjoyable You can enjoy this from various angles, even from the top of the cliff when you get there.

Pandawa Beach attractions

The words that are spoken when you arrive at Pandawa beach tour are spectacular. That’s the first thing I felt the first time I visited this place and saw it in person. You will be greeted with a high limestone hill which is very neatly arranged and five pandawa statues when you get there. In addition, Pandawa beach has very fine white sand and very clear sea water.

You can do some activities when you arrive at Pandawa beach, such as swimming and playing water and capturing moments with friends and family. Relaxing on the beach is something you can do to enjoy the atmosphere on the beach while enjoying cold drinks that are sold on the beach. So that you are not curious, just slide here to see first hand the beauty of Pandawa beach.

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