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3 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Denpasar

The name Denpasar can mean a new market. Previously this area was part of the Kingdom of Badung, a kingdom that had stood since the 19th century, before the kingdom was subdued by the Dutch on September 20, 1906, in a heroic event known as the Puputan Badung War. Along with the ability and potential of the region in carrying out regional autonomy, on January 15, 1992 the Denpasar Administrative City was upgraded to become a ” municipality ”, Denpasar was also designated as the capital of the Province of Bali which was originally domiciled in Singaraja.

The development and development of tourism as well as the attractiveness of the island of Bali have a strong influence on changes in structure and economic improvement in the city of Denpasar, indirectly driving development progress in the city of Denpasar. Besides that, which also boosted the economy of Denpasar City is the production of handicraft items in the form of handicrafts for souvenirs, such as carvings and sculptures. However, this handicraft industry is experiencing pressure, other than due to the impact of the crisis and competition between regions, other pressure comes from competition between other developing Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia and China. This competitor country maximizes the scale of production by utilizing industrial technology, while in Denpasar the craft industry still maintains hand made skills so that it becomes an obstacle in fulfilling its production quantity.

As one of the centers of tourism development, the city of Denpasar is a barometer for the progress of tourism in Bali, this can be seen with the emergence of various star hotels as a means of supporting tourism activities in the area. Sanur Beach is one of the beach tourism areas which is visited by both local and foreign tourists. While Puputan Field is a green open space area in Denpasar City as well as functioning as the lungs of the city.

There are some interesting places to visit in Denpasar, such as Jagatnata Temple (Jagatnata Temple), Bali Museum, Puputan Badung Monument, Bajra Sandhi Monument, Kumbasari Market where you can see local people with their activities in the market.

Pura Agung Jagatnatha

Pura Agung Jagatnatha stands in the center of Denpasar precisely on Jalan Mayor Wisnu Denpasar in the north of the Bali Museum and in the east of Puputan Badung Public Square. Pura Agung Jagatnatha is a place of worship of God in its manifestation as Sang Hyang Jagat Natha – Lord of Jagat Raya. The word natha in Sanskrit besides means king, also help or protection.

Pura Agung Jagatnatha was founded facing west as is generally the case in Bali. At the Jagatnatha Agung Temple Hindu people also offer prayers during religious holidays such as Galungan, Kuningan, Saraswati, Pagerwesi and Siwaratri.

Bali Cultural Park

Bali Cultural Park or better known by the name of the Bali Art Center is a complex of buildings and stages that were established for the performance of art and the development of Balinese art. Bali Cultural Park is located in the middle of Denpasar city precisely on the beautiful Nusa Denpasar road. Bali’s cultural park or Art Center Bali was established by the first governor of Bali, Ida Bagus mantra. He is very concerned with eastern cultural values, especially Balinese Culture and to keep Balinese Culture alive, he is willing to sacrifice his private land as an art center that we now know by the name of the Bali Art Center.

Bali Art Center is organized into several complexes, namely:

  • Holy Complex includes Pura Taman Beji, Bale Selonding, Bale Pepaosan, etc.
  • The quiet complex includes a library where books are stored on the history of Bali.
  • The half-crowded complex includes the Mahudara Exhibition Hall, the Kriya Building, the Sculpture Studio, the Wisma Seni and Wantilan.
  • Crowded complexes include the Open Stage Ardha Candra and the covered Stage Ksirarnawa (both located in the South of the River).

In this place every year in the middle of June – July a Balinese art party (PKB) is held which displays cultural and artistic performances from representative artists throughout Bali and other regions in Indonesia, which are usually opened by the president of the Republic of Indonesia.

Bali Museum

The Bali Museum is the oldest museum in Bali and is a pioneer in the presence of other museums. The museum is located in the center of Denpasar City, precisely on Jalan Mayor Wisnu, to the east of the Puputan Badung field and to the south of Jagatnatha Temple. Based on the collection, the Bali Museum is an ethnographic museum that is a museum that has and exhibits cultural objects from prehistoric times to the present which also reflects all elements of Balinese culture consisting of collections

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